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Welcome to the Faculty of Education

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Professor Matthew Adedeji Ayeni

Dean, Faculty of Education

The Faculty presently comprises nine departments housed in three separate buildings, the Old Faculty of Education complex (where most of the laboratories and the technical/technologists are accommodated) and the new complex, where the offices of the Dean, Heads of Department, Academic Staff and Laboratories are located.  We have about 123 full time academic staff with 41 Professors, 15 Readers, 23 Senior Lecturers, 12 Lecturer I, 21 Lecturer II, 5 Assistant Lecturers and 6 Graduate Assistants.  Our students comprise over 30% of the entire undergraduate population in the University and over 25% of the graduate population.  We have 15 baccalaureate, 2 Masters-level programmes (M.Sc./M.Phil.) and the Doctor of Philosophy degree programme in all the departments, taught by a first-rate Lecturers and supported by a fine crop of non-teaching staff.

A new approach in building up our academic unit is nurturing relationships with our alumni, employers, friends in the community and other important external stakeholders.  We will continue to keep you informed about what’s going on in our Faculty, but we need your ideas and support. It is heartwarming that your Dean, is an alumnus of the University, he graduated in 1988, the third set of the University.

My doors are open and I am available to attend to you in case you need clarification on issues about the Faculty.  My office is the Dean’s Office, Room 01, new Faculty of Education Building complex.  It is my pleasure to lead the Faculty at this time.  What we need now in the Faculty is sacrifice, tolerance, perseverance, endurance and high level of responsibility, determination to succeed, discipline and punctuality among our staff and students.  Thank you for your interest and support.