Ekiti State University

Brief History of the Department

Guidance and Counselling programme started in the University in 1986/87 Session with Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling and Master of Education in Guidance and Counselling in the Faculty of Education.

The foundation staff included: Professor O. Akinboye, visiting Professor of Guidance and Counselling and Dr. M. F. Alonge, Lecturer (Tests and Measurement).  Following the return of Prof. Akinboye to the University of Ibadan on completion of his visiting appointment, Prof. J. B. Ipaye, a visiting Professor and Dr. D. O. Owuamanam, visiting Senior Lecturer, continued the development of the postgraduate programmes in 1987/88 Session.  The design of the undergraduate programmes was initiated by Prof. I. O. Makinde in 1989/90 session.  A full-fledged Department of Guidance and Counselling was established in the same year, 1989/90 Session, with Senate approval of the first degree programme in Guidance and Counselling.

The Department took off in 1990/91 academic session with the admission of the first set of undergraduate students and Prof. I. O. Makinde was the foundation Head of Department. The setting up of the programme was based on the requirement of the New National Policy on Education, that is, the 6,3,3,4 system which lays emphasis on the need for guidance counsellors in school. 

Following the restructuring of the former five departments in the Faculty of Education into nine new departments in August 2015, the Childhood Education Programme was transferred from the former, Institute of Education to the Department of Guidance and Counselling.

Head of Department from inception in the Faculty to date:                       

  1. Prof. I. O. Makinde (Late)      1990     –  1993
  2. Dr. S. A. Adediran (Late)        1993   –  1995
  3. Prof. M. F. Alonge                   1995  –  1997
  4. Dr. C. A. Daramola                  1997  –  1999
  5. Dr. (Mrs.) T. O. Owuamanam 1999  –  2001 & 2003  –  2004
  6. Dr. (Mrs.) G. A. Akinleye         2001 –  2003 & 2006  –  2007
  7. Dr. (Mrs.) B. K. Odu (Late)     2004  –  2006
  8. Dr. A. O. S. Adegoroye (Late) 2007 –  2009                               
  9. Dr. (Mrs.) J. O. Ogunsanmi    2009  –  2011
  10. Dr. M. S. Omirin                       2011  –  2013
  11. Dr. D. J. Tenibiaje                   2013   –  2015
  12. Dr. (Mrs.) E. O. Osakinle        2015   –  2019
  13. Dr. E. O. Onijigin                      2017   –  2019
  14. Dr. J. O. Babatunde                2019   –  2021
  15. Prof. (Mrs.) F. A. Alade          2021  –  2023
  16. Dr. (Mrs.) F. B. Alokan           2023   –  Date

Objectives of the Department

The objectives of the programme are to train Professional Guidance Counsellors who will be sufficiently equipped with practical, professional and theoretical skills to:

  1. Enhance their clients’ positive self-regard, self-acceptance and acceptance of others,
  2. Assist students to achieve optimal state of the mind,
  3. Promote increased self-direction, problem solving and decision making skill through accurate understanding of themselves and their environment,
  4. Develop a sense of responsiveness to the needs of others and the ability to relate effectively with others, and
  5. Develop a sense of responsibility and self-confidence of people in their day to day response to environmental demands.

Mission statement of the Department:

To offer high quality undergraduate and postgraduate programme in Guidance and Counselling and carry out research that will permit our students to match up with international standard in counselling and psychotherapy.

General services and academic programmes

The academic programmes and institutional activities of the Department are facilitated through tutorials, micro and macro practicum for the award of Bachelor and Postgraduate degrees in Guidance and Counselling. The running and management of the Department depend on the following organs and administrative structure:

  1. The Head of Department and Chairman of Departmental Board.
  2. The Departmental Board consists of the Head of Department as Chairman, one and all Lecturers of the Department.

The Department also sets up various committees to assist the Head of Department; such as the Academic Staff Review, Non-Teaching Staff Review, Admission Matters, Examination Matters, Research Fund Management, Postgraduate Committee, Journal and Handbook Publication, Teaching Practice, Drug Free and Dressing Committee, Accreditation Committee and other statutory and special matters.