Ekiti State University

Brief History of the Department

The Department of Science Education was established in the year 2015 out of the Department of Curriculum Studies which has been in existence since the Inception of Faculty of Education in the University. The creation of the Department was based on the recommendation of the Accreditation panel to restructure the Faculty to house programmes properly in their corresponding departments. Sequel to that, the Senate of the University proposed to the University Governing Council at its meeting on 10th of October, 2014 where the restructuring was considered and approved.
The Department commended the unrelenting efforts of the then Deputy Vice Chancellor (Development), Professor O.V. Adeoluwa, the Dean of the Faculty of Education at that time, Professor I.A. Ajayias well as the financial support of the then Director, Directorate of Continuing Education Programmes, Professor G.O. Oyinloye. Professor R.O. Seweje is also commended for his immense contribution towards the take-off of the Department. The quality coordination and leadership provided by Dr. S.A Jegede to make the smooth take off of the department reality is also appreciated. The pioneer Head of the Department of Science Education is Dr. (Mrs) K.A Omotayo. After her, Drs. P.O. Ajayi and S.M. Olatunbosun took the mantle of leadership in quick succession. The current H.O.D. is Dr. J.O. Fatoba.
The Department runs undergraduate programmes in Basic Science Education, Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Computer Science Education, Environmental Education, Mathematics Education and Physics Education; as well as postgraduate programmes in Science Education and Curriculum Studies. Also, The Department has been producing Masters and Doctorate degree holders since it was still under the Curriculum Studies Department, and currently, has many students undergoing the various postgraduate programmes in Science Education. Good to know that all the undergraduate programmes of the Department were awarded full accreditation during the 2009 Accreditation Exercise in the University. The Department is currently preparing for reaccreditation of the Basic Science and Mathematics Education programmes which would come up in due course.

Objectives of the Department
The main focus of the Department is to provide its students with broad based modern theoretical and practical knowledge skills to enable them function  effectively as professional teachers. To this end, it is expected that graduates of the department should be able to:

(i)         Teach their chosen subjects effectively in Secondary Schools and Teacher Training Colleges.

(ii)        Infuse creativity into teaching and learning

(iii)       Utilize their specialized training to give leadership a critical assessment and the development of self-discipline.

(iv)       Inculcate in the students the spirit of inquiry, creativity and ability to think critically and effectively in solving personal and other problems.

 Mission of the Department

To offer high quality undergraduate and post graduate programmes in Areas of science education and carry out research that will permit our students to match up with international standard, thereby attaining scientific revolution of the 21st century teaching.

 General Services and Academic Programmes

The department runs courses in the following areas of study;

  1. Basic Science Education
  2. Education/Biology
  • Education/Chemistry
  1. Education/Computer Science
  2. Education/Mathematics
  3. Education/Physics

All these courses were awarded full Accreditation at the 2019 accreditation exercise..