Ekiti State University

Welcome to the Department of Vocational And Technical Education

You are welcome to the official website of the Department of Vocational and Technical Education, Faculty of Education, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti.

The Department is focused on:

  1. equipping students with the knowledge of design, production and research skills at all levels of the educational strata.
  2. developing problem solving and creative thinking abilities in teachers and students in their various vocational fields in Education.
  3. providing special training for vocational and technical education teachers, curriculum developers and supervisors of vocational and technical education at all levels.
  4. empowering vocational and technical educators who can propel social, technical, and technological change through education in attitudes, intellect, skills, values, resourcefulness and creativity.
  5. producing scholars whose creativity, innovativeness and inventions are accepted and appreciated globally.

Our team of academic, non-academic (administrative and technologists) are committed to the vision of being the most pragmatic, innovative and creative department ready to take technical education to a higher level that will be the pride of all.