Ekiti State University

Brief History of the Department

The Department of Vocational and Technical Education was carved out from the defunct Departments of Curriculum Studies and Educational Foundations and Management; it was then establid as an integral part of the Faculty of Education in 2015/2016 academic session. The Department runs programmes leading to the award of B.Sc.(Ed.), B.Sc. (Tech.Ed.) and B.LIS and B.Ed. in Agricultural Science Education, Business Education (with options in Accounting, Marketing and Office Technology Management), Electrical/Electronics Technology, Building/Woodwork Technology, Mechanical Technology, Library & Information Science and Educational Technology respectively. Fine and Applied Arts, Music and Home Economics were approved as integral part of undergraduate courses in the Department. The Department has produced so many graduates for the labour market in some of the courses listed above. Most of these courses are fully accredited.

The Department also runs Postgraduate programmes leading to award of Master and Ph.D. in Agricultural Education, Business Education (with options in Accounting, Marketing and Office Technology Management), Educational Technology, Electrical/Electronics Technology, Building/Woodwork Technology and Mechanical Technology.

The creation of the Department was based on the recommendation of the Accreditation panel to restructure the Faculty to house programmes properly in their corresponding Departments. Sequel to that, the Senate of the University proposed to the University Governing Council at its meeting on 10th of October, 2014, where the restructuring was considered.

The Department is equipped with seasoned lecturers and non-teaching members of high repute.

The Philosophy of the Department

The philosophy of programmes in Vocational and Technical Education is the development of educators who are engineers of social change through education as professional teachers, researchers or managers of education institutions and end-users’ organizations. The philosophy of the programmes shall accommodate and inculcate the ability to communicate and put into practice the results of research in the teaching and learning of Vocational and Technical Education Programmes.

Mission Statement of the Department

The Mission of the Department is tied to the vision concerned in the National Policy on Education. The Mission is to produce graduates who will be equipped with the knowledge of design, production and research skills that can encourage self-reliance, pragmatism, innovation and creativity.

Programmes Offered and Specialization

The Department runs both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes leading to award of:

  1. Sc.(Ed.), M.Sc.(Ed). and Ph.D. in Agricultural Education
  2. Ed., M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Business Education (with options in Accounting, Marketing and Office Technology Management)
  3. Ed., M.Ed. and Ph.D. Educational Technology
  4. Tech.(Ed.), M.Sc.(Ed.), and Ph.D. in Electrical/Electronics Technology
  5. Tech.Ed.), M.Sc.(Ed.), and Ph.D. Building/Woodwork Technology
  6. Tech.(Ed.), M.Sc.(Ed.), and Ph.D. Mechanical Technology.
  7. LIS. (Bachelor in Library and Information Science)