Ekiti State University

Welcome to the Department of Adult Education And Community Development

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Adult Education and Community Development, Faculty of Education, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti. Adult Education is one of the oldest discipline among Nigeria University Education courses. It stated way back in 1949 before Nigeria Independence and was known so as the Department of Extra Mural Studies in University of Ibadan. Ever since, the discipline of Adult Education has been playing remarkable  roles in the growth and development of all and sundry that desire or aspire to add to their educational attainment and knowledge regardless of their present level. Adult Education discipline of Ekiti State University is envisioned to produce high academic standard and sound theoretical background for complete human development to all learners in making sufficient impact in the world of work and community at large. In achieving this lofty objective, the Department run series of programmes that cut across all human endeavours spanning from Social Welfare, Industrial Relations and Labour Studies, Community Development, Economics of Adult Education, Women Education, Cooperative Management to many other Adult Education areas with academic content. All these fields of study are well articulated with robust curriculum and updated skills which will make our students desirable and attractive in the labour market after their graduation.

You are warmly invited to join us in our course of merging gown with town in the fast changing world.