Ekiti State University

Welcome to the Department of Adult Education And Community Development

I warmly welcome you to the Department of Adult Education and Community Development, Faculty of Education, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti. Adult education is for all, it is a broad field of learning that includes basic and continue education, vocational and technical education, higher education and professional development programmes, offered through formal, non-formal and informal education delivery system.All institutions, both public and private bodies offers adult Education programmes as they engaged in the organization of formal, non-formal and informal adult education programmes in Nigeria.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Department is based on training of teachers and adult educators who will provide functional literacy education to people who had never had the advantage of any formal education. The department will provide professional training programmes for different categories of workers and professionals in order to improve their skills. It will expose participants to various programmes and techniques that will equip learners with the skills to facilitate the training of other people outside the university environment. It is hoped that the instructors are well versed in the key concept of Adult Education and community Development to the extent that they are able to put their learners through an understanding of each concept and enabling them to translate each concept into practical use.


Objectives of the Department

More specifically, the main objective of the department is to produce middle-level manpower for services in the fields of Adult Education, Community Development, Social Welfare, Industrial Education and Economics of Adult Education.At the Post graduate Degree level, adult Education and Community Development is also designed to provide deeper professional insight for graduates of Adult Education and Community Development and others who are already on jobs related to this field, and to promote a scholarly study and research in the field through provision of specialized training for promising scholars.

The other objectives of the Department among others include to:

  1. produce competent professional experts in the field of Adult Education and

Community Development;

ii          train Teachers/Facilitators who will provide basic and functional literacy education to those who had never had the advantage of any formal education.

  • produce competent researchers in the fields of Adult Education and other specialized Areas;
  1. provide training and skills personnel for planning and executing adult education and community development programmes,
  2. train teachers for remedial education for people who prematurely dropped out of the formal school system,
  3. provide in-service, on-the-job, vocational and professional training for different categories of workers and professionals in order to improve their skills
  • exposes adult education students to Field work in adult education, community development, social welfare and Industrial education.
  • equip students with the necessary skills and competencies to teach in both Junior and Senior Secondary Schools, most especially, students who opt for academic option of the programme.


The Programmes offered includes the following:

  1. (1) B.Ed. Honours Degree in Adult Education (Arts)
  2. Adult Education/English
  3. Adult Education/History

iii.        Adult Education/French

  1. Adult Education/Christian Religious Studies
  2. Adult Education/Yoruba


     (ii)   B.Ed. Honours Degree in Adult Education (Social/Management Sciences)

  1. Adult Education/Political Science
  2. Adult Education/Geography
  • Adult Education/Economics
  1. Adult Education/Accounting
  2. Adult Education/Social Studies


  1. B.Ed. Honours Degree in Adult Education (Specialist Areas)
    • Adult Education/Community Development (CD)
    • Adult Education/Cooperative Management
    • Adult Education/Women Education
    • Adult Education/Industrial and Labour Studies


  1. Post Graduate Programmes in Adult Education

The Department equally runs Post-graduate Programmes in the following areas:

  • Diploma degree in Adult Education,
  • Master’s Degree, M. Phil/Ph. D and
  • D degrees in Adult Education include the following:
  • Historical Development of Adult Education
  • Community Development
  • Social Welfare
  • Industrial Education
  • Communication Arts in Adult Education.

The programmes are designed to provide students with relevant knowledge, research competence and professional skills that would make them function at high level manpower in the field of Adult Education and relevant educational studies