Ekiti State University

Brief History of the Department

The Department of Educational Management emanated from the Department of Educational Foundations and Management which came into existence in 1983/84 academic session, initially in form of  a Unit.  The Department was one of the two departments established at the inception of the Faculty of Education.  The foundation lecturers were Prof. Ade Fajana (First Dean of Education), Dr. (Mrs.) Ala Adeyemi, Dr. C. O. Igbalajobi, Dr. Agyakwa Kofi (First H.O.D)

At the inception, the Department was initially given the name, Department of Educational Foundations, which was later changed to Department of Educational Foundations and Management when the degree programme in Educational Management was approved.  The department graduated her first set in 1987.  At present, the number of academic staff has risen to eighteen.  The enrolment has increased tremendously.

The Department was set up to run the first degree programmes in Education which include: History, Religious Studies, Geography, Economics, Political Science, Accounting and Social Studies.  Other first degree programmes were later approved in the department.  The running of first degree in Educational Management started in 1999/2000, Physical and Health Education was approved in 2000/2001 academic session, the running of Adult Education degree programme commenced in 2004/2005 session while Business Education was approved in 2005/2006 academic session.  The first set of Physical and Health Education students graduated in 2004/2005 academic session, the first set of students in Adult Education graduated in 2007/2008 while the first set of Business Education students graduated in 2008/2009 academic session.

At present, the Department is running M.Ed.,MPhil/Ph.D and Ph.Dprogrammes in Educational Management.  The running of postgraduate degree in Educational Management has started as far back as 1990.The first set of Master’s degree graduated in 1995, while the first set of Ph.D graduated in June, 2000. 

Leadership: The Department has been under the leadership of various leaders since its inception:  Dr. Agyakwa Kofi – Acting Head (1983 – 1990); Dr. W. O. Ibukun – Acting Head (1990 – 1992); Dr. I. O. Akindutire – Acting head (1992-1993); Dr. W. O. Ibukun – Acting Head (1993-1994; Dr. I. O. Akindutire – Acting Head (1994 – 1997); Dr. J. A. Adegun- Acting Head (1997 – 1999); Dr.  A. Popoola – Acting Head (Aug – Dec. 1999); Dr. I. O. Akindutire – Acting Head (2000); Dr. J. A. Adegun – Acting Head (2000-2002); Dr. C. O. Kupolati – Acting Head (Jan, 2002-2004); Dr. M. Borode – Acting Head (2004 – July 31st 2006); Dr. (Rev) J. O. Ayeni – Acting Head (August 1st 2006 – July 31, 2008); Dr. (Mrs.) C. O. Akomolafe – Acting Head (August 1, 2008 – July 31, 2010); Dr. J. B. Ayodele – Acting Head (August 2010 to July 31, 2012); Prof. I. A. Ajayi – Head (August 1, 2012 to 31st July 2014), Prof. A. A. Owojori, (FCA) – Head (August, 2014 – August 2015).

Following the approval o f the Senate on the restructuring of the existing five Departments in the Faculty of Education into nine new Departments, the Department of Educational Management came into being in August, 2015 under the leadership of Dr. B. K. Oyewole as the pioneer Acting Head of Department.  (August, 2015 to July 31, 2017 ) Dr. (Mrs.) F. A. Adebayo, Acting Head of Department. (August 1, 2017 to July 31, 2019), Dr. B. B. Arogundade, Acting Head of Department.(August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2021), Dr. (Mrs.) E. O. Olorunsola August 1, 2021 to date).